Pioneers of Optimized Application Hosting

The success of your online presence depends on performance. Every extra second of load time can translate to lost visitors and decreased conversions. Not all web space is equal. As a pioneer of optimized web hosting, MediaLayer continues to implement cutting-edge technologies paramount to providing your site with the best performance and reliability.

Effortless Scalability

Fully Managed Experience: Our unified platform allows our customers to expand from an entry level hosting account all the way to a multi-server cluster, with our highly experienced team handling all the technical aspects of server upgrades. Focus on growing your business, while our robust infrastructure adapts to your needs.

Why MediaLayer?

  • 9 Years in Business: The experience necessary for your critical websites.
  • Top-Notch Networks: Backbones with proven reliability and performance.
  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware: Hand-picked for maximum stability.
  • 24x7x365 Rapid-Resolution Support: We don't sleep, so you can.
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: LiteSpeed, SSDs, Percona, we have it all.

 ML White-Glove Migration

No matter who currently hosts your website or critical business data, our skilled engineers will assist you through every step of the migration process. Absolutely free of charge on every new hosting order.

 LAYER Platform: Fully Scalable, Managed Solutions

 Expecting a lot of website traffic?

The LAYER Platform is designed to scale to your exact requirements.

  • All services are managed, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Our team will seamlessly move your site to the appropriate service plan.
  • We will monitor your site and help you handle the largest traffic spikes.

Our customers say it best

  • If you are looking for the absolute best of the best in web hosts, make the switch to MediaLayer! If you are with another host, this may sound like a fairy tale, but it's absolutely true: We get immediate assistance from people who really know what they are doing, kind and thorough responses to our myriad nervous questions, and a site that runs like a dream. There are plenty of things to worry about with a growing online business; how nice that we can have total confidence in our MediaLayer hosting team!

  • MediaLayer has provided a robust and innovative environment for the five web sites I currently host with them. Their confidence and ability to get the job done has been a pillar for their success. Just knowing technical support is readily accessible at any time is a humongous plus. Sadly, I haven't had any issues with the service to get to know their support guys that well (that's good!). Smooth sailing; bright future; thanks MediaLayer!

  • MediaLayer is phenomenal. One of the best I've seen. There's a reason so many people have wonderful things to say about them (and rarely if ever have I seen someone say something negative): They truly care.

  • MediaLayer has become a true partner we can rely on for our business. Our website is always available and responding quickly. For our growing needs, we have been always been able to find an affordable solution with ML. We cannot thank their team enough. Whenever asked, I can always recommend MediaLayer without hesitation.